Jeffrey - Album Promo

2011-06-13 20:55:49 by J-Kellz

Random Rap Battle

2010-09-08 21:25:53 by J-Kellz

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Haha Remix, new track

2010-07-24 23:55:26 by J-Kellz

real quickly put together banger of straight spittin to let you kno i'm still alive, workin on big ass things

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2010-03-16 14:22:40 by J-Kellz

Me n my boy in the studio workin on the debut album. It will be the best debut album of all time!

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New Site

2010-02-03 15:11:44 by J-Kellz

i need everybody to go to and sign up and start your own page, its sick people

J-Kellz Music Video!!!

2009-08-23 22:54:58 by J-Kellz

First video ever for the newest dance craze, Fag Hands

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Sup dudes

2009-07-18 18:22:55 by J-Kellz


Lets get personal with the fans, add your boy on facebook muthafuckas


2009-06-11 15:09:01 by J-Kellz

Forget everything you thought you knew about J-Kellz, your boy is an artist now.
Stay tuned for the hottest shit you'll ever hear.

sup dudes

2008-12-22 22:59:53 by J-Kellz

im gonna start uploading a little bit less for a lil bit while i work on this "album" ive been doin, ill try and keep postin a bunch of random ass tracks i make along the road so u guys dont forget my dick size. itll b worth it tho becus the album is looking to be all around fire. once its done i dont know wut ill do with it, but ill post up a single or 2 when it gets closer to completion


2008-12-14 23:25:03 by J-Kellz

stay posted for some fire to blow this previous fire out of the water